The Wine Bucket - light up ice bucket

Larala Lights


Looking to add that something extra to your home? Or an epic, unique gift? The Larala Lights LED Wine Bucket is the solution. What better way to enhance your table top or bar than with the light up Ice Bucket. There’s not much better than popping open a bottle straight out of an icy illuminated Wine Bucket. Not only can you put ice and drinks in the Wine Bucket but it provides a great source of light, and in any colour! The Wine Bucket utilizes RGB LED lights so you can set it to any 1 of 16 colours, or even slowly changing from one colour to the next by itself. Even better it comes with a remote control so you can change the colour from the comfort of your seat. It also comes with an induction charging plate so there’s no need to plug it into power or replace batteries; you simply sit the Wine Bucket on it’s charger to charge. This takes about 6 hours to fully charge and provides you with 10+ hours of bright light. We’ve had some creative people in the past use their Wine Bucket as an illuminated vase! This also makes for a beautiful center piece; position a few gorgeous flowers and light them up at the touch of a button.



What you’ll receive;
1. LED Wine Bucket
2. Induction Charger/Adapter
3. Remote control (including batteries)
4. Instruction manual

25 x 21 x 29 CM
1 year guarantee
Waterproof IP rating
6-8 hours produces 10-12 hours of light
Weight Information 

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