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Recreate summer vibes with the coolest portable & cordless indoor/outdoor lamp you can own. We love summer entertaining for it's warm and long evenings. Unfortunately as winter sets in it brings with it the cold and dark making it harder for you to host great nighttime events. A simple trick is to open up the space you're hosting in and bring with it more light. Part of the problem with hosting winter events is that you close off your outside spaces in an attempt to make the indoors warmer and cosier but all this does is create a cramped and claustrophobic environment. So a simple solution is to include your outdoor space; this doesn't mean you have to physically merge the indoor and outdoor but by leaving curtains open and blinds up coupled with well positioned lighting your indoor space will be transformed. Instantly the indoor area will feel much larger and spacious; whilst garden lighting will attract your guests eye making them feel like they're almost outside.

If you have colour changing lights you can even set them to warmer colours like a warm orange which will distract your guests from that winter chill! The Mini Rec lamp described below is a perfect beginning to providing instant ambience in the evening. Only $79.95 and free shipping to anywhere in New Zealand. Comes with a charger, remote control and 2 x AA batteries for the remote! We also have a 30-Day money back guarantee so if you receive your light and don't love it just sent it back to us and we'll refund your money!!! (Oh and make sure you get the 10% discount on the purchase price.) 
The Mini Rec is a portable LED light which can be placed anywhere either inside or out. Perfectly sized for any space the Mini Rec provides an ambient light in any colour you desire. It has 16 different colours allowing you to select whatever colour suits the mood. An elegant white in the middle of an outdoor table or a warm orange lighting a hallway. A gorgeous pink for a princess’s playhouse or a ghostly green for telling ghost stories in the tent. With the Mini Rec there is no need to replace batteries as it is rechargeable, simply charge for 4-6 hours and light for 12+ hours. It comes with a remote control which means you can relax in your chair changing colours or lie in bed and turn it off without needing to move. With an attached hoop for hanging the Mini Rec is ideal for hanging from a gazebo or marque. Get creative and hang them from trees for your nighttime events. We’ve had people realize how bright they actually are and how long the charge lasts so they end up taking them camping!

" Also I thought I'd let you know I also just took them camping to a DOC camp.  They were fantastic, not only for effects, but for illuminating my son's tent enough so he could read.  The charge lasted really well, I didn't need to re charge them." - a happy customer from Hamilton.

What you’ll receive:
1. LED Mini Rec
2. Remote control (including 2 x AA batteries)
3. Direct charger / USB adaptor
4. Instruction manual
5. Attached hoop for Hanging
10x10x15 CM
1 year guarantee
Waterproof IP rating
4-6 hours charging produces 8-12 hours of light

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