The Pillar Combo

Larala Lights NZ

2 x Pillars - if you're going to get one large light Pillar you can create a much more balanced and beautiful look by getting two! And save yourself $100. With no cords to restrict the placement of these illuminated LED light pillars it allows you the freedom to place them wherever you like. Place them on either side of the front entrance to your home in the evening, a driveway, pathway, wherever! 

The Pillar makes a bold statement. Position two on either side of an entrance way to create a stunning, visual appearance. An illuminating column of light in any colour does wonders to any nighttime or indoor setting. Whilst the Pillar can be used as a purely decorative lighting feature it's flat surface allows you to use them as a light up table!

What you’ll receive;
1. LED Pillar
2. Remote control (including batteries)
3. Direct charger/Adapter
4. Instruction manual

D40 x H115 CM
1 year guarantee
Waterproof IP rating
6-8 hours produces 8-12 hours of light

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