Tear Drop - outdoor LED light

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A light that isn’t just a single colour?

Don’t you wish sometimes there were a simpler way to instantly improve the ambience or mood of a room or outdoor area? I know the feeling all too well of having people over in the winter, sitting around inside with the ugly, yellow glow of the lightbulbs shining down. Maybe lighting a candle or two at an attempt to dress up the space. Then getting to summer and as the sun goes down my lovely garden disappearing beyond view and being left with a limited entertaining area on the deck or patio.
That’s what I love about the Tear Drop styled light, because it isn’t fixed to a place or requires power cords to function it can be placed anywhere one desires. From in the corner of the lounge softly emitting a warm orange colour to the outside and a couple placed along the edge of a deck to provide a visual barrier. It’s not just a single colour either, with sixteen internal colours you can set the mood accordingly or if you want more of a magical look you can set it to different settings like ‘fade’ where the Tear Drop slowly changes colour, fading from one to the next.
Don’t worry about needing to replace batteries as it has a modern internal rechargeable battery inside and comes with a charger, so before use just sit the Tear Drop on it’s charging plate. After about 6 hours the Tear Drop will be fully charged and will light for 10-12hours! I first though people would mainly use the Tear Drop at home for decorative purposes but we’ve heard some awesome stories like people who take them camping, use them to light a pathway at their bach, nightlights for children… So they really can be used in many different ways.

Because they're a rather new product and the majority of people haven't seen them before some people can be hesitant to buy online, therefore we have a 30-day money back guarantee to show you the light is exactly how we describe. It's actually quite hard to do the lights justice through images and words... So when you see them in person they have that much more EFFECT! That's why I urge you to add a Tear Drop or two (or three or four) today. Make sure if you do buy a couple you take advantage of the package deals so select the Tear Drop x 2 deal (which is $200 rather than $260) rather than just selecting two individual Tear Drops for $260.00



What you’ll receive;
1. LED Tear Drop
2. Remote control (including batteries)
3. Induction charger/Adapter
4. Instruction manual
D18 x H34cm
1 year guarantee
Waterproof IP rating
6-8 hours charging produces 8-12 hours of light

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