Brilla Bench (Straight)

Larala Lights

Looking for that something extra to add to your home or holiday house? Then look no further than the Brilla Bench (Straight).

This stylish piece of illuminated furniture comfortably seats 2 - 3 people. It's easy to move and reposition meaning you can create your own style and easily change the ambience of the environment. An illuminated bench by a pool, on a deck, or even on the beach is sure to wow. You can change it's colour by pressing a button on the base of the bench or with it's remote control and even select different modes so the bench subtly changes from one colour to the next.

Enhance your indoor or outdoor area today by adding a Brilla Bench (Straight) to your collection.




What you’ll receive;
1. 120x40x40 LED Straight Bench (illuminated furniture range)
2. Remote control (including batteries)
3. Direct charger/Adapter
4. Instruction manual

120 x 40 x 40 CM
1 year guarantee
Waterproof IP rating
4-6 hours produces 8-12 hours of light

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