Fidget Spinner - LED flashing lights + bluetooth speaker

Larala Lights NZ

Important: New orders will be dispatched after February 8th 2022

MUST HAVE Fidget Spinner for any collection

This light up Fidget Spinner with a Bluetooth speaker goes above and beyond the standard spinner. Turn it on with a simple on/off switch and the LEDs built into the spinner will begin to flash and you will be able to connect your device to the bluetooth speaker.

The LEDs are bright enough to stand out in the day and create awesome visuals in darkness.

Your standard quality assured from Larala Lights.

Rechargeable with a standard household mini USB. CHARGE: follow the basic rules of charging and keep an eye on the device whilst recharging. Plug into a USB outlet for around half an hour to 45 minutes. Do not leave charging for a long duration of time.

Collections: Portable LED lights

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