2 x LED Arm Bands

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If you want to increase the chances of you being seen by other pedestrians and vehicles then double up on the LED Arm Band and wear one on each arm. 

Around 70% of pedestrian fatalities occur during dawn, dusk and in darkness. During these hours it is much more difficult for drivers to see pedestrians and also they are not expecting to see pedestrians. That’s why it is so important for pedestrians (and that includes joggers, runners and cyclists) to make an effort to be seen when they’re out during these times.                                   

That’s why the LED arm band has been designed; to help make road users more visible in the dark. They're ideal running lights for runners.

The active light band is designed with the user in mind. An elastic Velcro strap means it is adjustable and can be tightened to comfort, there is a reflective strip added onto the strap for added visibility. LED light technology allows the active band to be compact and light which is what you want when exercising; there are two settings for the LEDs which are static or for a more noticeable light then a flashing mode. The entire weatherproof silicone band lights up to provide an easy to see strip of light. The active band is suitable for wearing around the arm or around the ankle. Included in the active band are two x CR2032 batteries – the same kind that powers many portable electronic devices like watches, calculators and modern car keys. 

There are two colour options: Red & Green. Simply select the colour you prefer!

Shipping times within NZ are usually 1 - 3 business days from time of order. Shipping is FREE so don't worry about getting hit with hidden shipping costs at the end. We're so confident you'll be more visible and feel safer during exercise in the darker hours that we offer a 30-Day money back guarantee. Just send us back the LED Arm Bands and we'll promptly refund you the full amount.

Make yourself more visible by ordering your Active Lights today.

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