LIFETIME: the increased longevity of LED lights is one of the main advantages over traditional lighting forms. We all know how often we seem to have to change light bulbs around the house, and how annoying it is when they are located in hard to get to places such as high ceilings. This is especially true in commercial spaces such as hotels and shopping malls with extremely high ceilings which makes it a costly exercise to change the lights. The introduction of LED lights will drastically reduce this onerous task.


ENVIRONMENT: the fact that LEDs use a reduced amount of energy means they are not consuming as much power.


USE: LED lights are very exciting due to the endless possibilities that exist. Due to the size and durability of LEDs they can be incorporated into so many different designs for any purpose. Because the LEDs can be combined to produce a multitude of different colours they can also be adapted for a specific purpose.


SPEED: once the light is turned on either by its switch or using a wireless remote the light will turn on instantly. There is no delay or waiting for a few seconds whilst the bulb heats up to get to its full brightness.


HEAT: no longer do you have to worry about burning your hand on an extremely hot bulb. The other major factor is that in traditional lights most of the energy is converted to heat! Meaning only a fraction is turned into light. Whereas LED lights are the opposite; only a very minimal amount of heat is given off meaning the majority of energy is concentrated on producing quality light.


SILENCE: no longer do you have to endure those strange whir fizz and pop noises associated with a lighting tube flicking on and off. LEDs are silent ensuring for a peaceful atmosphere.


QUALITY: LEDs are far better than traditional lighting in terms of focus and distribution. Unlike a traditional light bulb which will cast light in all directions a LED light will focus upon the area that is wanted.


COLOUR: LEDs can produce a vast array of colours so that you can select the appropriate colour for the appropriate setting. Before and after photographs of LED lighting upgrades show just how great the improvements are - from a sickly yellow colour to a more natural and real light.


TOUGH: traditional lights can be extremely fragile which greatly restricts their usage. Unlike traditional forms LED lights are very strong and durable meaning they are great for so many uses.



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