The term LED lights has been thrown around a lot over the last few years but when asked about the simple benefits of LED lighting do you really understand them? LED lights is a new revolution, and seeing as every industry uses light then LEDs has the potential to impact all industries. It is easy to get lost in the technical jargon so simply speaking LED lights are a lot more ENERGY EFFICIENT which can SAVE you money over the long run and is LESS harmful to the environment. Compared to other types of lighting:

LIFETIME: LEDs last much longer. Up to 50,000 hours! 

ENIVRONMENT: less harmful impact on environment 

EFFICIENCY: LEDs are much more efficient

COST: over the long term are cheaper

USE: can be used in numerous ways and new ways of lighting

QUALITY: much better light in terms of focus and distribution

SPEED: provide instant light when switched on

SILENCE: no noise is associated with LEDs

HEAT: give off minimal heat

TOUGH: LEDs are very durable 

COLOUR: unlimited colours 


That was just a quick introduction to the benefits of LED lights. In Part Two we will elaborate more upon some of the benefits and what these benefits actually mean for you as the consumer.



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