When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb did he ever envision this?


"The light that can: go where normal lights cannot, save you money and improve sleep."

Was: $79.95


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I was sick of having to drag out my old camping lantern every time we were sitting around the outside table. I also hated leaving all the hallway lights on in the evening, knowing it was just adding dollars to my power bill. Not to mention the fact my child still wasn't sleeping despite her panda shaped nightlight.


So when I came across this portable and cordless LED lamp I knew I had to have it. Perfect for outdoor entertaining, I could place it in the center of our outdoor table. I knew I could WOW visitors with the instant ambience provided. Not only that but I could use it inside, leaving the eco-friendly LED lights illuminating the hallway rather than turning on all eight hallway lights, saving my dollars. I even thought about using it as a nightlight for my daughter (I found out from a scientific study that red is the best colour for sleep).


Did I mention it changes colour too? My little one always grabs the remote and practices her colours as she flicks through the colour range shouting “Blue! Green! Red! Pink! White!...” It makes theming for events a breeze too, really setting the mood.


It’s rechargeable so you don’t need to replace batteries, the charger is rather convenient too as you can plug it directly into a USB port as well as any normal power point. The charging time is only about 4 – 6 hours and lights up for over 12 hours! The modern li-ion battery will hold the charge so if you turn it off after an hour, the next time you go to use it there will still be light! We actually ended up taking it camping last summer and it worked a charm.


It’s outer material is a very durable polyethylene plastic so you don’t need to worry if you drop it, it’s not going to break! It weighs less than 1kg making it so easy to carry and at a compact 10x10x15cm it suits any location. Oh and also there's a hoop attached to the base of the light which allows you to hang it. I've only hung it from the gazebo outside but when I get a few more I'm going to hang them in all the trees in our garden for the next party.


Being a rather new concept of light and unable to see it in person I wasn’t too sure at first about buying it online; however, when I saw the 60-day money back guarantee it put my mind at ease.


When you purchase a light you get 1 x charger (USB adaptable), 1 x remote (16 colours, 4 functions, brightness control and on/off) AND you get 2 x AA batteries for the remote because don’t you hate when you make an awesome purchase only to find you need batteries to operate it! For a limited time only there are 500 Mini Rec’s at the great price of $64.95 (usually $79.95). Not to mention free shipping. To anywhere. Don't forget there's a 60-day money back guarantee!


So I urge you to buy your Mini Rec OR Mini Rec’s today (a few on the deck look fantastic, light up a garden pathway, they also make great gifts). Simply click the buy now button below.