Wireless. No messy wires! No one tripping over! This modern-day technology gives you the flexibility to change your surroundings with peace of mind. Move these architectural pieces where you want around your home, garden, restaurant, bar, hotel or event. They look fantastic in a furniture capacity or as standalone sculptures.
Controlled remotely. Our remotes have a range of up to 12m. Mood changed? Simply click through our different colors and settings from the comfort of your chair. One remote can simultaneously control all the pieces. So have them all changing colour at the same time to create a totally exclusive feel to your evening.

Multiple colours. This creative lighting gives you license to choose a colour dependant on your mood or environment. One light is MULTIPLE colours - no longer do you have to be content with just one colour of light. From greens and reds to blues and yellows select whatever colour you want.
Fixed / Variable settings. Want to get the party started? Why not flick through our settings. Strobe, fade, flash, smooth, and still. Have your glow suit your mood.

Waterproof. You don’t have to worry about leaving the products outside (IP68/65 waterproof rating). They give a truly unique and spectacular glow floating in a pool or dotted around any setting. Our modern lighting technology is bound to become a conversation starter.

Rechargeable. Simply place your light on the induction charging base for 4-8 hours and receive 8-12 hours of glow. Or if your light charges via direct plug in then simply plug in the charger for 4-6 hours and receive 8-12 hours of glow. You can also use the light whilst it’s being charged incase you want to use the light but haven't charged it!

Eco-friendly. LED lighting systems are revolutionary. LED lights are a lot more energy efficient which means you save money over the long run. They are also less harmful to the environment. Click here for further explanations into the benefits of LED lights.

Strong. Portable. Durable. Don’t be afraid to relax on our weatherproof mood lighting. The cube for example easily holds one, two or even three people! And because they are wireless and portable they give you freedom to move them where you feel fit.