What's the point in having a well maintained garden and outdoor area in your home if at night it is in total darkness and is invisible? That's where lights come in. Well placed lighting is fundamental in creating a unique and special look for your outdoor areas. There are many options for outdoor lighting but one we focus on here at Larala Lights is not traditional forms of lighting but decorative LED lights. These are not only much better for the environment than non-LED lights but come in all sizes, shapes and colours.

Imagine the look of a glowing orb floating in your swimming pool rotating through a variety of colours or fixed to your favourite. Picture a beautiful area of your garden which at night becomes a black hole of boredom. Think of that space you've always wanted to light up but isn't feasible due to the distance from a power socket.

Your solution = Larala Lights.

We specialize in focusing on products which help to solve these problems. Have a swimming pool? Our lights are waterproof and floatable, perfect to create a magic effect of glowing light on the water. Want to spice up your dark areas? With a portable light in any colour and shape place a Larala light in the said area and problem solved. Can't position a light exactly where you want it due to cords and wires? Here at Larala Lights we specialize in cordless and wireless lights, simply charge up your light and place it anywhere you like!

Larala Lights