The hospitality industry is a crowded market space where vying for the attention of new customers as well as retaining existing customers is extremely important. Apart from offering great food & beverage as well as exceptional service what else can you do to increase your business's appeal? Improve the physical environment and aesthetics.


When it comes to consumer psychology the physical environment in which the experience takes place is an important determinant in how that consumer will reflect upon that experience. In the hospitality industry consumers are likely to be in your space for an extended period of time allowing them enough time to consciously and subconsciously take in their surroundings. The ultimate goal is to give your consumers an all-round positive experience which will result in satisfaction and hence loyalty. When a consumer is loyal they are not only likely to make repeat visits but you will achieve positive word of mouth marketing (which is one of the strongest and most effective forms of marketing).




A dining experience is much more than just the consumption of food and beverage; going to a bar is more than just the act of drinking; staying in a hotel is more than just sleeping in a bed… It's to socialize, have an enjoyable time and relax in a comfortable setting. In order to offer a complete experience to consumers hospitality enterprises must invest in creating an appealing environment.




This is where Larala can help you and work with you to achieve a unique look. We will offer a free consultation and quote looking at your space. We will quickly assess how we can best suit your needs in terms of setting the ambience and mood. No fees for designers or interior decoraters, no extra costs for hiring qualified electricians to install complicated and expensive lighting systems. We will simply come in and have a look at your indoor/outdoor areas, let you know how we can help transform the space and achieve a visually enhanced environment. Resulting in more consumers, more sales and greater profitability.


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