Luxess Bar - LED Light Bar

Larala Lights

This is one of our most impressive LED light designs - a fully light up, portable bar! What better way to impress than a bar which can light up. It's portable so it is ideal for events such as festivals, outdoor parties and beach events. Simply charge up the Brilla Bar during the day and then take it to wherever needs a bar. On a full charge the illuminated Bar is going to last for 10+ hours so more than enough for the evening. If you plan to use the Brilla Bar in your own home or a hospitality establishment you can leave the Bar in place and just get an extension cord when it needs charging.


This is for 1 LED Bar section - note that 5 placed together make a complete 360degree bar.


What you’ll receive:

1. LED Bar

2. Remote control (including batteries)

3. Direct charger

4. Instruction manual



180 x 65 x 110 CM

Waterproof IP rating



8-10 hours produces 8­-12 hours of light




Please contact us before purchasing for shipping purposes!


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