The Sphere (60cm) - LED light globe

Larala Lights NZ

The 60cm Sphere will completely transform any space. This giant, illuminating ball of light will make your home stand out. And if you’re looking for a nighttime feature why get something that is only one colour? The giant LED Sphere has modern RGB LED light technology which means it has 16 colours! You can set it on your favourite colour for the evening or set it so that it slowly changes from one colour to the next.


The Sphere is rechargeable so you do not need to worry about unsightly cords or needing to be near a power source. Simply sit it on it’s induction charger and then take off and place wherever you desire for the evening. Picture as the sun goes down and you conveniently switch on the Sphere with your remote control the magical look that is created. It is guaranteed to please.


If you take pride in your outside spaces such as gardens, decks and patios then what’s spending a few more $$$ to make it the best and most attractive space you can have. These LED light orbs are one of the hottest home trends today.


Rest of North Island ONLY $15.00

South Island ONLY $30.00


What you’ll receive;
1. 60cm LED Sphere
2. Remote control (including batteries)
3. Induction charger/Adapter
4. Instruction manual

1 year guarantee
Waterproof IP rating
6-8 hours produces 8-12 hours of light

Collections: Portable LED lights

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