Rechargeable LED light candles - Set of 12

Larala Lights NZ

Reduce the hassle of replacing real candles, continuously relighting candles that blow out in the wind and eliminate the fire risk . With this set of rechargeable LED candles you won't need to worry about these problems. The set contains 12 individual LED light candles and a charging base. After use simply place the candles back on the charging base for recharging. There is no need to replace batteries. When fully charged the candles will last 20+ hours, the charging time is approximately 6hours.


The LED light slowly flickers in order to have a more realistic resemblance to a live flame. However the obvious advantages over a live flame candle are they are perfectly safe and will not be impacted by windy conditions.


They are turned on via a button on the underside of candle base; simply press to turn on and press again to turn off. One of the added benefits of this set is there are no external charging pins to place the light on which are easily damaged and get dirty quite easily. Fully enclosed induction makes for a cleaner and simpler charging solution.


Each set contains:

  • Set of 12 rechargeable candles 
  • 1 Induction Charging Base

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