Active Light! LED Belt Bag

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Be safe in the darkness - improve your visibility when walking, running or cycling in the darkness with this LED running belt bag. Not only that but it is a convenient solution to carrying your smartphone, hiding your key on your car tyre or stuffing cash in your shorts band or sports bra.                                          

The LED sports belt bag is made to keep you seen in the darkness. An internal LED light and reflective strips help you stand out when out in the darkness. The water-resistant pouch is big enough to hold the majority of smartphones - even an iPhone 6 plus at a squeeze! Perfectly suited for holding your phone, a debit/credit card and your house keys. 

The LED light is rechargeable with a common household mini USB cord so there's no need to replace batteries. 

An adjustable elastic strap and buckle is designed to suit most body sizes. The elastic keeps the belt bag tight to your body so you don't need to worry about it moving about.

There are two colour options: red and green. Simply select the colour you prefer!

Shipping times within NZ are usually 1 - 3 business days from time of order. Shipping is FREE so don't worry about getting hit with hidden shipping costs at the end. We're so confident you'll be more visible and feel safer during exercise in the darker hours that we offer a 30-Day money back guarantee. Just send us back the LED Sports Waist Bag and we'll promptly refund you the full amount.

Make yourself more visible by ordering your Active Light today. 

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