What is LED furniture?

I've recently had several people asking me - "what is LED furniture?". Well the name is pretty self explanatory; it's a combination of LED lights and furniture. There are two distinct ranges: one being furniture, and the other a more decorative lighting range. The most common designs of the furniture range are benches and tables / bar leaners while the common designs of the smaller and decorative range are the round Spheres (or balls, orbs, globes as they are also called) and Cubes.

The smallest light is around 10 x 10 x 10 cm which is ideal for placement in the middle of a table whilst the largest are full bars with dimensions of over 1.8m in length and 1.1m in height.

The outer materials are generally made of polyethylene plastic (more commonly known as PE plastic) and sometimes acrylic plastic. Inside is the heart which is made up of LED lights and usually a lithium battery. The smaller lights will have less LED lights while the larger furniture designs have more as well as a more powerful battery. This is where the quality can differ between makes of LED furniture as manufacturers will attempt to cut costs by using less LEDs and weaker batteries. 

One of the most important functions is the battery as this is what powers the entire unit.  In most cases the LED lights will function correctly and the outer material will perform it's role but if the battery cannot hold it's charge then the unit will lose brightness quickly and before long die. This is probably one of the main complaints I hear from people who have purchased unbranded LED furniture off the internet. This is why it's safest to opt for a brand because at least you know who you are buying it from and can return it in the case of any problems.

Kem Christensen