What are RGB lights?

RGB LEDs might seem like a complicated term but in reality it is the opposite! RGB simply stands for:




So an RGB LED light contains these 3 colours which combine together to create different hues (a colour or shade). They say that the possibilities are more than 16 million different hues! RGB LED lights are revolutionary because they allow you to have multiple different colours emitting from within the one light, there are even great settings where you can have the colours flick through from one colour to the next or fade slowly in and out. This is why RGB lights have become particular popular in establishments like bars, hotels and clubs where a more unique light is required. RGB lights have also been taken up by big buildings where they want to stand out and create spectacular light displays in the evening. 


You can get RGB LED lights in different forms such as a colour changing RGB light bulb, RGB strip lights and RGB portable lamps. So next time you see the term "RGB LED light" you will know it's no where near as complicated as it seems! Oh and incase you don't know what LED stands for it stands for:





 Colour changing Sphere showing the strobe mode for RGB LED lights

Kem Christensen