Introducing: Portable Bar

The illuminated & portable bar (Luxess Bar) from Larala is an exciting addition to our illuminated furniture range. This eye-catching design incorporates LED lights so that the whole bar lights up - it contains multiple different light colours so you simply select the colour of your preference with the remote control. There are no cords needed when operating as it contains rechargeable lithium batteries; simply charge it for 6-8 hours with it's charger and this will provide you with 10 hours + of light. More than enough for the evening.


The Luxess Bar is ideal for: festivals, functions, corporate events, parties and any private home looking for something extra!


The bar is a curved design with the front face solid and smooth.


The inner face of the bar is designed with functionality in mind - a convenient area for storage, a flat surface for pouring drinks and a top counter. 


Each individual piece can be used alone or 5 pieces can actually be combined to create a complete 360degree bar.


 Above are just some of the examples of the multiple colours you have to play with.

Top Decorating Ideas - ideas for the LED light Cube

The LED Cube by Larala Lights is one of our more versatile lighting designs. Sure it provides a stunning and bright light but it is also functional because of it's shape and strength. The illuminated Cube can be:

- Used as extra seating: keep a stack of 4 in the outhouse and when you have people round take them out and use as seating. They're only 5 kgs so light enough to easily move but heavy enough to use as a sturdy seat. There's not many cooler seats in the dark than a light-up seat.


- Use as a funky and unique bedside table. Also doubles as a bedside light!


- Hosting an evening event or party? The light-up Cubes are perfect to add vibrancy and ambient light to any event. Get creative and get some graphics or words on the Cubes for the event! 


- Create eye-pleasing visual art pieces by changing colours and arrangements of the Cubes.


So add some excitement to the darkness by:

- Buy yourself a couple of light Cubes direct in NZ

- Buy wholesale light Cubes direct in NZ

- Hire illuminated furniture in Auckland and NZ