Perfectly portable light!

Here is an article that appeared in Habitat by Resene on the Larala Lights Mini Rec (


You know that lighting has become clever when you can carry a designer light around with you and put it virtually anywhere. And you can control it by remote. The Mini Rec is a portable LED light which can be placed anywhere, either inside or out. Perfectly sized for table tops the colour of the Mini Rec light can be changed by remote (there are 16 choices). They're reasonably priced so it's tempting to go all out and put them on the outdoor table, on fence posts, bordering the garden, around the deck... They are also superb as night-lights in children's rooms or bathrooms. They're even designed to be hung, and are shockproof. The cordless lights last for 12 hours on a 4-6 hour recharge. 

Way more stylish than your traditional rechargeable LED lantern. 



The Coolest Ice Bin Around

LED Light Ice Bin
Gear up for summer with this very cool light up Ice Bin. Never lose your drinks in the darkness again. With internal LED lights and a rechargeable battery you just place the Ice Bin wherever you want, turn it on with it's remote control and you're all set for the evening. 
Not only will it keep your drinks cool but it acts as a portable light source. Simply charge during the day and use when the sun goes down.
November 22, 2016

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Summer 2016 / 17

Getting your home ready for the upcoming summer? As we all begin to slowly move our evening activities outside again as the temperature warms up we start to put more thought into our outdoor areas which have been neglected over the winter months. The patio gets an extra sweep, the garden an extra mow and the trees a trim. The BBQ is uncovered and given a thorough clean or an entirely new one purchased. As Christmas approaches the festivities are abundant and the atmosphere joyful. Mid November what an exciting time!