October 29, 2015

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September 28, 2015

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Great success at the Auckland Home Show, now on to the Waikato Home & Garden Show!

Well we had a great first time exhibiting at the Auckland Home Show. So much that we have decided to back it up by exhibiting at the Waikato Home & Garden Show in Hamilton from the 1st - 4th of October. It was great to be able to talk face to face with many people and hear their feedback first hand. From the Auckland Show we gathered around 75% of people hadn't seen anything like our lights before, about 15% had seen similar Spheres and Orbs in high end resorts primarily in Fiji followed by Bali and Thailand, about 5% had seen similar lights to the Mini Recs in Hong Kong and about 5% had seen the more common shapes such as Cubes and Spheres at events.


We're excited we have been selected to feature in the "What's hot!" section for the Waikato Home & Garden Show; click here to view this.


September 01, 2015

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FREE tickets to give away for the Auckland Home Show!

Are you wanting to attend the Auckland Home Show this September? Well we have a limited number of tickets to give away so simply send us a message via the contact page and we will help you out. Remember the Show is September 9th - 13th so come on down and check it out.


August 26, 2015

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Illuminated Furniture for Party Hire

We are a manufacturer and supplier of LED mood lights and illuminated furniture. Our illuminated furniture series is perfect for events of all occasions. Because we are located in Auckland, New Zealand we are the most cost effective way for New Zealand event, exhibition and party hire companies to purchase illuminated furniture. We offer numerous benefits such as no minimum order quantities, quality products and no lead times. 


Larala Lights LED mood lights and illuminated furniture are ideal for events because they're wireless meaning no cords to trip over and can be easily positioned without having to attach to the power mains, each unit is multiple colours so you can change the colour to reflect the theme of any event, they're very durable so it doesn't matter if drinks get spilled on them or they get knocked over. If you aren't offering Larala Lights to your customers then they are missing out! So get in touch today to see how we can benefit you.


Some of our most popular items are straight and curved benches over a metre in length along with bar stools and tables.


The Brilla Bench (Straight)

120x40x40 CM

The Luxess Table (Curved)

D.80 x 106 CM


A Great Idea for Redesigning Your Outdoor Area

In this post we will examine how easy it is to recreate the look of your outdoor area using a few Larala Lights. Gardens and outdoor spaces look great during the day but it is always a pity when the sun disappears and your outdoor area is left a blank canvas. Sure some well placed garden lights are great but what happens if you want to change the feel? Or you have large areas of lawn which are left dark because you can't just place a light in the middle of it? This is where Larala Lights can really help you achieve a new look and give you the ability to be as creative as you want to be. Notice how in the picture below this outdoor area has a 'blank space' between the steps and the patio; by strategically placing 2 x Tear Drops and 1 x Mini Rec along the top step it helps to add some vibrant light and lead the eye up the lighted stairs and to the fireplace.


Above: 2 x LED Tear Drops & 1 x LED Mini Rec from Larala Lights


In the picture below 4 x LED Cubes are being used as a source of decorative light making the outdoor area stand out even more and the bonus is they also have a functional use in that the Cubes can also be used as seating.

Above: 4 x LED light Cubes from Larala Lights


Because all Larala Lights are cordless one is not restricted by unsightly cords that people can trip over or the need for getting a qualified electrician to install expensive wiring and permanently fixed lights. Below is a pathway at a beach house which at night time becomes a treacherous walk in the dark - when one is entertaining and people will be walking along the path at night simply place several Larala Lights and your problem is solved. You can arrange them how you want and change the colour to reflect the mood. After use you simply pick them up and take them inside and place back on the charger so next time they're all ready to go.


Above: 3 x LED light Tear Drops from Larala Lights


You can see there are many benefits of Larala Lights in and around the home. Get the right ones for your space today.

February 26, 2015

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New Zealand Launch

We've been working hard here at Larala to bring you a new New Zealand focused website. We want to make it more convenient for you to purchase directly here in New Zealand as well as eliminate lengthy shipping times and attempting to communicate over large distances.