See why kids go NUTS for these lights!

Originally when identifying our target audience for Larala Lights we pictured modern hospitality settings looking to add ambient light as well as a unique  look to their space; we pictured upmarket homes who wanted to make their backyard areas standout when they had friends over for dinner on Saturday evening; we pictured light lovers who were captivated by the beautiful colours created by the RGB LED lights present in the Larala light range. What we hadn't really considered was children. Fortunately through the numerous trade shows, exhibitions and home & garden shows we've done over the past few years which allows us to interact directly with people face to face we have a clearer understanding of how children react to our colour changing light designs. AND they absolutely love them! 


Time and time again I watch the eyes of children of all ages settle on our lighting displays and they are just captivated! They see a display of numerous different shapes glowing in a brilliant and vibrant red, then at the tap of a button on the remote control they all change to green and it's like WOW! Forget the technical terms, or the eco-friendly aspect of LED lights, or the designer style. It's the simple shapes and magical colour changing abilities which draws in the young. Just wait until they get their hands on the remote and then the fun really begins. It's awesome to see a young child practicing their colours as they control 10, 20, 30 different lights change colour at their command. Green! Red! Pink! Orange! Blue! They shout.


One of the best aspects of LED lights is that they don't emit heat; so they're not hot to touch. This makes it perfectly safe for a child to be around one of our Larala Lights Eggs or Tear Drops. Also because of the strengthened PE plastic the outer material is made of it makes the lights very durable. If one accidentally drops it or knocks it off a table top or bedside table then the light isn't going to shatter into a thousand pieces. Also because our LED night lights and LED furniture range are all rechargeable and cordless it means they don't actually have to be plugged into the power when in use. This takes away fears of live wires and electrocution. 


And that is what we have discovered. That Larala Lights make for great children's night lights and cool presents for kids too. We've had real life comments like:

"We bought one for our outdoor table but our kids stole it and use it in their room every night!"

"...were able to wow our friends and family at Christmas and New Year.  Also I thought I'd let you know I also just took them camping to a DOC camp.  They were fantastic, not only for effects, but for illuminating my son's tent enough so he could read.  The charge lasted really well, I didn't need to re charge them."


Kids really love the shape of the LED Egg light. Click here to get yours today.


What are RGB lights?

RGB LEDs might seem like a complicated term but in reality it is the opposite! RGB simply stands for:




So an RGB LED light contains these 3 colours which combine together to create different hues (a colour or shade). They say that the possibilities are more than 16 million different hues! RGB LED lights are revolutionary because they allow you to have multiple different colours emitting from within the one light, there are even great settings where you can have the colours flick through from one colour to the next or fade slowly in and out. This is why RGB lights have become particular popular in establishments like bars, hotels and clubs where a more unique light is required. RGB lights have also been taken up by big buildings where they want to stand out and create spectacular light displays in the evening. 


You can get RGB LED lights in different forms such as a colour changing RGB light bulb, RGB strip lights and RGB portable lamps. So next time you see the term "RGB LED light" you will know it's no where near as complicated as it seems! Oh and incase you don't know what LED stands for it stands for:





 Colour changing Sphere showing the strobe mode for RGB LED lights

Perfectly portable light!

Here is an article that appeared in Habitat by Resene on the Larala Lights Mini Rec (


You know that lighting has become clever when you can carry a designer light around with you and put it virtually anywhere. And you can control it by remote. The Mini Rec is a portable LED light which can be placed anywhere, either inside or out. Perfectly sized for table tops the colour of the Mini Rec light can be changed by remote (there are 16 choices). They're reasonably priced so it's tempting to go all out and put them on the outdoor table, on fence posts, bordering the garden, around the deck... They are also superb as night-lights in children's rooms or bathrooms. They're even designed to be hung, and are shockproof. The cordless lights last for 12 hours on a 4-6 hour recharge. 

Way more stylish than your traditional rechargeable LED lantern. 



The Coolest Ice Bin Around

LED Light Ice Bin
Gear up for summer with this very cool light up Ice Bin. Never lose your drinks in the darkness again. With internal LED lights and a rechargeable battery you just place the Ice Bin wherever you want, turn it on with it's remote control and you're all set for the evening. 
Not only will it keep your drinks cool but it acts as a portable light source. Simply charge during the day and use when the sun goes down.

LED Lighting Top Priority for US Cities - a summary

A recent survey ‘How energy Technologies are Reshaping America’s cities' found that the mayors of American cities rank energy-efficient LED lights as the most promising technology to combat carbon emissions and reduce energy use over the next few years. 41% of cities ranked LED lighting as their top priority, next on 18% was solar energy and 17% with low-energy buildings.

In terms of particular uses of LEDs for street lighting was the most popular application at 81%, followed by city owned buildings on 65% and public parks and sports fields on 51%.


The popular choice of LED lighting technology is due to the obvious economic benefits in vastly reducing electricity and maintenance costs whilst increasing energy savings. From a visual perspective LED lights can much better resemble natural day light which creates more aesthetically pleasing experiences in spaces such as footpaths and parks.


As usual the major obstacles to achieving these targets were financial constraints with 67% stating local budget restraints, 49% the high up front cost and 33% stating limited or no available federal funding.


For the original report please click here.

Decorate your home with LED strip lighting

LED strip lights are a great way to decorate your home and add subtle lighting to usually dark areas. Firstly you may be asking what are LED strip lights? So let's briefly answer that question. Simply think of a piece of tape or ribbon with lights dotted along it - LED strip lights are made of flexible circuit board with LEDs mounted on it. They usually have an adhesive backing allowing you to attach the LED strip light to a surface and some come fully enclosed so they are waterproof which makes them perfect for outdoor lighting. You can get LED strip lights in a variety of colours or RGB which allows you to change the colour of your LED strip light. Due to their flexibility and small size it allows you to place strip lights where traditional lights cannot be placed - so even though they are great for decorative purposes they can smartly be positioned to act as a functional light. Today we will look at:



Strip lights and stairs are becoming a popular combination. The strip lights can be hidden under the lip of each step to provide an elegant light highlighting each step.  Great for the middle of the night when you need to ascend/descend the stairs but don't wish to turn on all the house lights.

strip lights





February 23, 2016

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Global LED lighting market set to BOOM!

The global LED lighting market is predicted to more than double over the next 5 years increasing from USD 20 billion in 2014 to USD 42 billion by 2020. As the demand for more energy efficient lighting technologies increases and the cost of LED lights falls the market is in a good place. Demand from the Asia Pacific region is set to grow substantially especially with urbanisation in huge countries such as India and China. 

To read the original article click here.



January 27, 2016

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What to consider when buying LED lights - watts, lumens and kelvin.

In this brief post we will try to explain what lumens and kelvin mean when looking to buy LED lights. When you begin to think about replacing your traditional light bulbs with LED light bulbs then you need to go in with a different view than you would purchasing light bulbs such as incandescent.

- Don't look for watts, but look for lumens (lm). Watts aren't to do with brightness anyway but rather a measurement of energy used. LEDs are measured in lumens and that gives you an indication of the level of brightness. The higher the lumen the brighter the bulb.

- Whilst people are used to the normal yellow colour of a traditional light bulb LEDs come in basically any colour. When looking at colour you can look to the Kelvin (K) scale for indication - the higher the Kelvin number the colder the colour. The scale ranges but one can generally understand it by up to 3000K as being a warm white, 3100-4500K as a cool white and 4500-6000 and up as daylight.


Exterior Lighting - Lighting your Pathways

Exterior lighting for pathways around your home is one of the more important aspects in designing your home and outdoor areas. You obviously want to be able to walk comfortably around your outdoor areas in the evening and this is going to be difficult without light to see by.

Lighting your pathways around your house and garden when done well can really highlight the outdoor areas of your home; however, it is rarely done well. The key often comes down to the placement of the lights. Envision the lights as being a gentle guide showing you the way as opposed to a mass of lights casting light over every square inch. One of the key errors in pathway lighting is placing the lights too close together which creates a 'runway' effect. Another key is subtlety, you want to walk down the path being able to see what you need to see without being blinded so ensure the lights aren't too bright and directed cleverly so they give enough light where you want.

Keep in mind when placing the lights that they can also be used to light up various plants and features in your garden, it's a great way to provide the functionality of lighting the path whilst also showcasing the more interesting aspects of your outdoor areas. It's pointless to waste this chance to highlight your garden if you simply place the lights anyway along the path.


November 20, 2015

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A great weekend at the Better Home & Living Show!


Well this was the third show we have exhibited at and it was another success. A great chance to exhibit our wireless LED lights and illuminated furniture. It is always good to get in front of people and our customers and talk face to face. People usually have many questions regarding the lights and it is good to have the chance to answer these. Many customers were looking for outdoor lighting solutions for summer as well as children's nightlights and Christmas presents so we were happy we could help them out! The smaller Larala Lights such as the Egg really do make an awesome nightlight for kids bedrooms - they give off no heat so safe to touch, there is no electricity surging into the light when it is on so no risk of electrocution, they are durable and tough so won't break if knocked over and because there are no lamp shades no scary shadows are cast. Plus they look awesome and the colour can be changed to suit.