Go Green Expo 2017

Larala Lights exhibited at the Go Green Expo in Auckland over the weekend (April 1-2, 2017) and it was a really great event. There were lots of awesome products related to sustainability and organic foods. Their was a good vibe on both Saturday and Sunday with numerous visitors enjoying themselves. 

Portable LED lights nz
The Larala Lights range of portable LED lights and LED furniture is a mixture of stylish design and eco-friendly LED light technology. Portable LED lights allow you to place a cordless lamp in a room or area to provide light that otherwise would need all the lights in the ceiling switched on. If you're in need of a rechargeable light do you really want to be sitting around the table with a boring and plain looking rechargeable lantern?

LED furniture nz

Pictured above is the LED High Table and two illuminated Pillars. Here we have attached a glass table top to each of the Pillars which turns them into an LED light bar leaner. LED furniture is perfect for any event or home.

LED furniture nz

LED furniture for hire auckland

Larala Lights supplied some of our LED furniture range so that visitors to the expo would have a place to rest during their visit. Not only do the illuminated benches act as functional seats but being able to change the colour meant they fitted in perfectly with the "green" theme of the event. Pictured above are 4 LED benches and a LED light coffee table - they helped the event organisers to fill an otherwise large, blank space.

Lighting hire NZ

The decorative lighting range from Larala Lights is ideal for evening events. From table top LED lamps to light-up seats and illuminated tables the Larala range has it all. No wires means you simply place the lights wherever you want without having to worry about people tripping over wires and because they're made from durable PE plastic they aren't going to get damaged if someone accidentally knocks a light over or spills a drink on one. With 16 different colours to choose from with the remote control you simply change the colour and the whole ambience of the event at the touch of a button; if you're looking for something a bit more exciting than a fixed colour simply change the lights to any 1 of the 4 functions such as fade which the light will slowly fade from one colour to the next or strobe which is perfect for a more up beat party vibe as the night progresses.


Enhance the entranceway to a classy event by placing two glowing white pillars on either side of the walkway, add funk to the tables by placing a mini LED globe changing colour magically in the centre, jazz up the outdoor pool area by placing some LED light cubes and light up benches for people to sit and throw some floating LED light balls in the swimming pool, for a corporate event let us take care of the branding and get your companies logo on a huge light up bar, cube or bench.


Regardless of the theme or mood you're trying to create Larala Lights will help you create a truly memorable event.