Different Types of Solar Lights

solar garden lights


Following on from the prior post "What are Solar Lights?" we are now going to introduce some of the main different types of solar lights:


Pathway solar lights:

Solar lights can be ideal for use as pathway lights as the aim of lighting here is for guidance so they don’t have to be the constant, bright light that would be needed for say reading. Also as paths often run away from the house and are far from power outlets it is difficult to add in permanent lighting later and can be costly; meaning solar is a great solution.

Solar pathway lights will be directed downwards with the solar panel located at the top and will generally incorporate a stake so as one can simply place the lights into the garden or lawn alongside a path. 


Landscape solar lights:

These are similar to pathway solar lights except that they have a wider range of designs and purposes. Some are designed so the light can be directed in different angles so one can position it in their garden how they see fit; whether casting light upwards on a tree or say directly at a garden ornament. Others are more decorative than functional.


String lights:

These lovely lights are becoming more and more popular. Without the need for permanent wiring or increasing the power bill one can now add an array of light up decorations to their backyard. Trees, deck railings and handrails are some of the perfect spots to add a touch of brightness for those dark evenings.


Security lights: 

If you need security lights for an important area such as the front entrance to a home or around a commercial premises then it's probably a smart idea to stick with wired lights for now. This is due to the fact that you want the lights to be working at 100% efficiency. You can't have several cloudy days in a row or for the batteries to only hold several hours worth of light in them.

However for less crucial areas like a back shed where you want some light if you have to go out there in the evening then solar security lights are great. They are motion activated so the light will only turn on when it detects movement. 

Kem Christensen