Decorate your home with LED strip lighting

LED strip lights are a great way to decorate your home and add subtle lighting to usually dark areas. Firstly you may be asking what are LED strip lights? So let's briefly answer that question. Simply think of a piece of tape or ribbon with lights dotted along it - LED strip lights are made of flexible circuit board with LEDs mounted on it. They usually have an adhesive backing allowing you to attach the LED strip light to a surface and some come fully enclosed so they are waterproof which makes them perfect for outdoor lighting. You can get LED strip lights in a variety of colours or RGB which allows you to change the colour of your LED strip light. Due to their flexibility and small size it allows you to place strip lights where traditional lights cannot be placed - so even though they are great for decorative purposes they can smartly be positioned to act as a functional light. Today we will look at:



Strip lights and stairs are becoming a popular combination. The strip lights can be hidden under the lip of each step to provide an elegant light highlighting each step.  Great for the middle of the night when you need to ascend/descend the stairs but don't wish to turn on all the house lights.

strip lights





Kem Christensen