Cool kids Night Lights

If you're looking for a children's night light then you really need to get an LED light. From a safety view LEDs emit minimal heat so they're perfectly safe to touch; we all know how alluring an exciting light is to a child and the want to touch & feel... By ensuring your child's night light is LED it will be safe to touch as opposed to traditional lamps where even a light touch of a bright bulb will burn. From an energy efficiency view LED is much more efficient than traditional lighting forms; seeing as a night light will be left on every night, all night then it makes sense to get the most efficient form of lighting possible.

Another benefit of LED technology is the multiple colours you can select and the ability to control brightness. You can cycle through the colour options and play around with brightness until you find the most suitable colour and brightness for your child that let's them sleep peacefully.

Portable lights are a good option because it allows you to place the light where needed. You aren't restricted by power points and cords. Portable lights will either have replaceable batteries or becoming more common these days are rechargeable batteries allowing you to simply charge the light during the day and use through the night.


The Larala Lights Eggs are a popular choice for children's night lights.

Kem Christensen