Wholesale Illuminated Furniture

If you are looking to purchase wholesale illuminated furniture then look no further than Larala Lights. With no MOQs and quality assured products designed to our specifications we take the headache out of dealing with an untrusted entity. 

Questions you should ask:

- What type of rechargeable battery is integrated into the light unit?

- Is it induction or direct charger?

- What's the distance of the remote control?

- How many LEDs are used in each unit? Is the same amount of LEDs that are in a small table top lamp the same as in a large bench?

- Is the PE plastic UV resistant? 

- Is the light really IP68 waterproof grade?


There may be companies simply importing no-brand products but these inevitably lead to issues. We are there at the manufacturing stage to ensure the highest quality, we know what goes in the lights and how they work. Anyone can buy a product cheap and sell it for a slight mark up, not anyone can ensure a quality product is delivered with ongoing customer service. We manufacture Larala Lights.


Kem Christensen