New Super Large 60cm Sphere!

A new addition the Larala Lights range is the 60cm LED light sphere. This glowing ball of light will make any space standout. Picture sitting outside in the evening and once the sun goes down so too does the light disappear, you turn on your normal outdoor lights and this provides the functional light needed. These functional lights don't quite add to the setting, however you have the Larala Lights 60cm Sphere waiting. Turn it on from your seat with the remote control and select whatever colour you desire or have it rotating through it's colour cycle. The Larala Lights Sphere will capture any eye and make any dark area exciting and alluring. 

If you are hosting an event of any size these giant LED balls will enhance the scene greatly. Place two on each side of the entrance way, have them floating in water, place them around the garden, place them around a stage... the ideas are endless! Even use one for your outdoor deck light and it is sure to wow you and your guests.


Kem Christensen