Summer Deck Lighting

Summer is obviously the time where you use your outdoor area the most. It’s a time of outdoor entertaining and celebrating. It’s great when the sun is up but as soon as the sun disappears so too does the light. There’s nothing worse than you and your guests being left outside in darkness or having inadequate light.You’ve already had the electrician come in and install permanent wiring for fixed lights but you may have overlooked certain areas or want something a bit more creative. Cordless or wireless lighting is a perfect solution. Because you can place cordless lights wherever you want you are able to recreate the ambience of the setting; perhaps you have several different outdoor areas and you can reposition the lights as you change from one area to the other. Make sure the cordless lights you choose are designed for the outside as well so that means protected from both the rain and sun if you do happen to leave them out for a day. Most cordless lights will be water resistant so are protected from rain and splashes of water but may not be waterproof i.e. able to be submerged in a swimming pool so it is important to check what the IP rating is of the light before throwing it in a pool. You’ll want to ensure the light has a rechargeable lithium battery so that you simply charge during the day and use at night. Some cheap versions of cordless lights may just have AA batteries which are always a hassle and pain to constantly replace. With the LED lighting technology of today the majority of cordless lights can be multiple colours allowing you to change the colour of the one light with a remote control - lights will vary from the colours they have as well as the functions such as strobe or fade so this is another one to look out for when choosing your outdoor cordless lights. It’s also important to check what brand the lights are; there are many lights available on the internet and many will have no brand. This means they are simply imported by someone from a factory in China without quality control or having any input into the design or manufacturing. Down the line this will lead to problems for you when you have a technical fault with the light or want to add more lights into the range you have in your home.


Kem Christensen