Exterior Lighting - Lighting your Pathways

Exterior lighting for pathways around your home is one of the more important aspects in designing your home and outdoor areas. You obviously want to be able to walk comfortably around your outdoor areas in the evening and this is going to be difficult without light to see by.

Lighting your pathways around your house and garden when done well can really highlight the outdoor areas of your home; however, it is rarely done well. The key often comes down to the placement of the lights. Envision the lights as being a gentle guide showing you the way as opposed to a mass of lights casting light over every square inch. One of the key errors in pathway lighting is placing the lights too close together which creates a 'runway' effect. Another key is subtlety, you want to walk down the path being able to see what you need to see without being blinded so ensure the lights aren't too bright and directed cleverly so they give enough light where you want.

Keep in mind when placing the lights that they can also be used to light up various plants and features in your garden, it's a great way to provide the functionality of lighting the path whilst also showcasing the more interesting aspects of your outdoor areas. It's pointless to waste this chance to highlight your garden if you simply place the lights anyway along the path.


Kem Christensen