A great weekend at the Better Home & Living Show!


Well this was the third show we have exhibited at and it was another success. A great chance to exhibit our wireless LED lights and illuminated furniture. It is always good to get in front of people and our customers and talk face to face. People usually have many questions regarding the lights and it is good to have the chance to answer these. Many customers were looking for outdoor lighting solutions for summer as well as children's nightlights and Christmas presents so we were happy we could help them out! The smaller Larala Lights such as the Egg really do make an awesome nightlight for kids bedrooms - they give off no heat so safe to touch, there is no electricity surging into the light when it is on so no risk of electrocution, they are durable and tough so won't break if knocked over and because there are no lamp shades no scary shadows are cast. Plus they look awesome and the colour can be changed to suit.

Kem Christensen