What to consider when buying LED lights - watts, lumens and kelvin.

In this brief post we will try to explain what lumens and kelvin mean when looking to buy LED lights. When you begin to think about replacing your traditional light bulbs with LED light bulbs then you need to go in with a different view than you would purchasing light bulbs such as incandescent.

- Don't look for watts, but look for lumens (lm). Watts aren't to do with brightness anyway but rather a measurement of energy used. LEDs are measured in lumens and that gives you an indication of the level of brightness. The higher the lumen the brighter the bulb.

- Whilst people are used to the normal yellow colour of a traditional light bulb LEDs come in basically any colour. When looking at colour you can look to the Kelvin (K) scale for indication - the higher the Kelvin number the colder the colour. The scale ranges but one can generally understand it by up to 3000K as being a warm white, 3100-4500K as a cool white and 4500-6000 and up as daylight.


Kem Christensen