Rechargeable LED Candles

Over the past several months we have had quite a few enquiries into whether we have rechargeable LED light candles. For these we are not involved in the manufacturing of but have decided to source some from a friendly overseas supplier to satisfy our customers requirements. 

The LED candles come in a set of 12 with an induction charging base meaning after use you simply place them back on the base to charge - there is no need to replace batteries. 

The candles are turned on via a conveniently placed button on the underside of the candle; just press to turn on and press again to turn off. 

They emit a soft yellow colour that slightly flickers to resemble a real candle. These are ideal for the hospitality industry where one wants a simple, easy and safe solution to replace live flame candles. Businesses like massage parlours who want the look and feel of a candle but don't want to have the cost of constantly replacing candles as well as the obvious fire hazard. Rechargeable candles are even ideal for the private home - when entertaining one can place them along a path, along the railing of a deck, on the table... without having to worry about them getting blown out by the wind!


Rechargeable LED candles

Kem Christensen