Introducing two new products: LED display box Small and Large

The LED display box (small) and (large) are ideal for display purposes. Some examples of usage are: 

- Displaying products at a trade show

- Using as shelving at a bar for displaying drinks

- Using as a display box in retail store

- Using as a planter 

The LED light display boxes are cordless which gives you the freedom to place the illuminated displays wherever you need; this doesn't limit you to placing close to a powerpoint or having unsightly cords running over the floor. Simply charge for 6-8 hours and will give you easy 10-12 hours of light. The charging port is conveniently located on the side so if you do have items stored in the display boxes you do not have to take them out to charge. 


The LED Light Display Box (small) has external dimensions of 40x40x40cm with internal dimensions of 34x34cm with a depth of 19.5cm



The LED Light Display box (large) has external dimensions of 120x40x40cm with internal dimensions of 111x31cm with a depth of 20cm



Kem Christensen