Top Decorating Ideas - ideas for the LED light Cube

The LED Cube by Larala Lights is one of our more versatile lighting designs. Sure it provides a stunning and bright light but it is also functional because of it's shape and strength. The illuminated Cube can be:

- Used as extra seating: keep a stack of 4 in the outhouse and when you have people round take them out and use as seating. They're only 5 kgs so light enough to easily move but heavy enough to use as a sturdy seat. There's not many cooler seats in the dark than a light-up seat.


- Use as a funky and unique bedside table. Also doubles as a bedside light!


- Hosting an evening event or party? The light-up Cubes are perfect to add vibrancy and ambient light to any event. Get creative and get some graphics or words on the Cubes for the event! 


- Create eye-pleasing visual art pieces by changing colours and arrangements of the Cubes.


So add some excitement to the darkness by:

- Buy yourself a couple of light Cubes direct in NZ

- Buy wholesale light Cubes direct in NZ

- Hire illuminated furniture in Auckland and NZ

Kem Christensen