LED Lighting Top Priority for US Cities - a summary

A recent survey ‘How energy Technologies are Reshaping America’s cities' found that the mayors of American cities rank energy-efficient LED lights as the most promising technology to combat carbon emissions and reduce energy use over the next few years. 41% of cities ranked LED lighting as their top priority, next on 18% was solar energy and 17% with low-energy buildings.

In terms of particular uses of LEDs for street lighting was the most popular application at 81%, followed by city owned buildings on 65% and public parks and sports fields on 51%.


The popular choice of LED lighting technology is due to the obvious economic benefits in vastly reducing electricity and maintenance costs whilst increasing energy savings. From a visual perspective LED lights can much better resemble natural day light which creates more aesthetically pleasing experiences in spaces such as footpaths and parks.


As usual the major obstacles to achieving these targets were financial constraints with 67% stating local budget restraints, 49% the high up front cost and 33% stating limited or no available federal funding.


For the original report please click here.

Kem Christensen